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Do the Voo!

“Do the VOO” ist an homage to songs of the 50’s and 60’s that came with their own dance move, the VOO are asking their listeners to reach inside themselves and find “the VOO”; that piece of weirdness, passion, freedom that is deep down in your stomach and is just waiting for you to let it out! Doing “the VOO” is any dance move you feel, any noise or scream your body releases when you really set it free.

Listening to the 1950’s slap-back-echo on the croony, smooth voice of the Voo’s lead singer, you might think you’re in for a nostalgic trip down memory lane…but the VOO are a whole different kind of trip!

Hamburg born Andrew Krell (double bass) and Brite Ben Galliers (vocals and guitar) met up for the first time shortly before corona hit the world and spent the next year writing, recording and producing their album. Music that will take you somewhere, even if you are stuck at home. The self-proclaimed inventors of „DreamRocknRoll“ want to take their listeners on a journey; from simple, puristic rock n roll to a psychedelic, loop induced trip into outer space.