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Do I Fit In Your Shoes?

BabyJake allows his frustrations to explode

Alternative singer-songwriter BabyJake continues to master his eccentric, yet distinctive, alt-rock sound with his new anthem Do I Fit In Your Shoes? On the genre-bending record, written and co-produced by BabyJake, old school cellphone ringtones, handclaps and a gospel choir collide in between tight raps and a funky high-register hook. “Do I Fit In Your Shoes?” embodies BabyJake’s growth in songwriting and production, his progression as an alternative artist and ultimately hints at much more to come from this dynamic musical chameleon.

Of the inspiration behind the song, BabyJake says, “I started writing this song over a year ago when I was going through a hard time. I felt misunderstood as an artist by a lot of the people around me, including my label. I was 19 when I wrote my first hit ‘Cigarettes on Patios,’ and people just expected that same shit from me over and over. I’ve grown up and evolved a lot as a person since then, and so has my music. This song is about that feeling and getting through it. I’m happier now, and things have changed. I feel like I have a great team around me, and we’re all super excited for the new music that’s coming.”

Visuals and the song are BabyJake’s personal representation of greed & gluttony throughout the music industry as a whole. “I’ve been through a lot of highs & lows already in my short time being an artist & have realized that a lot of things are fucked up in this space. The song is clearly me taking a dig at that & putting it out there. I’m sure many artists will relate.”