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DIY artist Connal Kelly shares the second single from his upcoming album

Help Me Out is the second track from UK-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Connal Kelly that will find its place on his forthcoming debut EP. Artist says about helter-skelter guitar anthem Help Me Out

I wrote the hook for this song over 2 years ago and had it sitting around on my hard drive for a long time; it’s probably been through around 7 different versions in its lifespan before settling on this one! A lot of that is down to my mindset at the time, which bled into the lyrics as well. It’s a song about me feeling unsure of who I am or how to be authentic, searching for an answer but constantly getting lost along the way. Ultimately, finishing this song helped me with that process and it feels great to listen back now knowing I’m far from that place!

Bristol-based songwriter’s creative reach moves from pop to prog, from psychedelia to funk. Adept at everything he touches, his forthcoming debut EPis the vision of talent coming into bloom.  Crafting a genre-crossing brand of Alt-Pop that is unmistakably his own, Conal Kelly combines driving grooves with smooth vocals, catchy melodies and dreamy guitars, resulting in a refreshing yet accessible strain of modern pop music.