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Deeply moving single by Aaron Taos


Taos began releasing his songs online around 2015 and grabbed fans with low-key jams like Ill and Simple and Sober. Basing himself in Brooklyn, he continued to evolve, weaving bits of EDM into his hooky pop anthems.

This year he’s back with his brand new, emotional EP and album’s first deeply moving single Loving Someone.

“I wrote it for my father, Marvin, who passed away in January. During his last couple of weeks of life, he was put in hospice at home. I would play these songs by his bedside to help him through his transition. This project is meant as a celebration of everything he meant to me as well as the difficult process of losing him. Although this is a release for my father, I hope others will connect with the emotion and experience of these songs.”

We hope that anyone who lost someone in life will feel less lonely listening to Loving Someone.

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