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Debut single by Arkine.

There are those songs you listen to for 20 seconds and they hit you deep. We had the pleasure to experience the hit today with a debut release by Arkine‘So Close’

Arkine is a solo project formed by Aaron Reece – Atlanta based singer-songwriter. After playing keys for several different bands over the years, he decided to go out on his own in order to freely experiment with the types of songs he had always wanted to make.

I’m my own worst critic and I often doubt my musical abilities, but this was the first track I recorded that made me feel like my goals as an artist were almost within reach. Beneath the pulsing synth bass and distorted piano chords, it’s a song that encapsulates that feeling of nearly attaining whatever it is that you want.

‘So Close’ is a mysterious, electronic piece with soft, comforting vocal lines that bring to mind Son Lux’s vibe. Arkine starts his journey promisingly and we’re very curious what the future holds for him.