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Dance in the Darkness brings romantic mysticism

New single ‘Dance in the Darkness’ by RIVER

Just a month ago we had the pleasure to write about their debut single ‘Inappropriate’ that has been stuck in our heads till today. RIVER made us happy again with their sophomore release that we love even more than the first one if that’s even possible. Dance in the Darkness’ has this emotional layer that will make you dance and cry at the same time. There is something disturbing in the melodies and the vibe that hits the hearts immediately. Some magical power emanates from this single.

Dance in the Darkness’ is a song about distant relationships and that certain aura of romantic mysticism they bear, but ultimately about the realization that most of all, these relationships are about longing and anticipation, about missing your significant other and spending way too much time on the road. That’s what we call the human condition: Like moths to a flame, we are driven by our hearts. Drawn back, always back into the light that guides us.