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Colourful universe by SUPEŁ


Supeł  is a brand created by fashion designer Monika Szmidt – Zygmunt. Supeł is a Polish brand made 100% in local sewing rooms. The brand cares about the quality and comfort of the clothes, that’s why all the collections are released in limited numbers. Each product is made of very good quality fabrics. Very often Supeł’s products have prints made in collaboration with talented independent illustrators. How everything started?

“For me, it plays on the idea that the most insane things are all part of a bigger picture - we’re tiny specks of dust in this universe, one minuscule part of something massive. I think part of that is realised as the song unravels. This world doesn’t owe me anything and it certainly doesn’t revolve around me. I can’t really think of a better example, but humans are like Venn diagrams and the stuff you do solely in your part of the circle has a knock-on effect with the circles that you overlap with. That’s what this song is for me, it’s life-affirming and it’s grounding - it’s me making a choice to contribute and see the colour.”

Joey Maxwell

“I struggle telling stories that aren’t my own. I hadn’t successfully finished a love song since the emo ship sunk, and was slowly sinking in the LA dating quicksand…emotionless, clinging to songs about nostalgia and regret, never about love…most certainly not promising someone they would never be alone.”

The latest collection of Supel Store is called UNIVERSUM and relates to the world around us, that with particular emphasis on space, hence this collection includes a dress Asteria, Galaxy tracksuit or Andromeda coat; The used print on the Galaxy tracksuit was created in collaboration with visual artist Aneta Klejnowska


photos: Bernard Hołdys,

mua Kasia Brzezinka,

model: Aly Turska



3NOI store 

in Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw 


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