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CHERITON with his new single My Reverie

We had the pleasure to see CHERITON playing live in London in 2020 and we immediately fell in love with his music. Back then we couldn’t stop listening to his EP Parallel and we were waiting for more. Today we’re getting more! His latest single My Reverie released via Lyricom/Believe UK. 

Coming into 2021 fresh from being picked up as a Jack Saunders BBC Radio 1 Future Artist, this new single combines feel-good indie & pop sensibilities.

“My Reverie is a song about anxiety and growth. When I get in those kinds of darker moods and I feel depression slipping into my days I try to write to lift myself. My reverie came so quickly, like a single stream of consciousness, I couldn’t write it down quick enough. I often find myself drifting off into my thoughts so I wanted the song to feel that way like it’s unfolding in real-time. I also was keen for it to sound uplifting, I think that was my brain trying to help me out. Expressing my worry into this kind of space perhaps made it easier for me to listen back” –  Nick describes.

“Every artist I spoke to last year felt the same way about the pandemic and their careers… the uncertainty, cancelling things, pushing them back. My Reverie touches upon those fears and insecurities and the need to accept them and understand them when following your dream.”

Based in London – but originally from Kent – Nick created the pseudonym of CHERITON in summer 2019. The release of his debut EP Parallel saw him gain critical acclaim from the press and BBC Radio 1.