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Chazz Kiss – the unusual woman with extraordinary musical taste

If you’re into Fiona Apple you will also be into Chaz Kiss – an artist that creates extraordinary rhythms and melodies. Chaz makes a lot of noise on the DIY New York scene. She went from playing crowded party basements to going on her first DIY Tour for the summer of 2022. Her songs are confessional, angsty anthems with witty lyricism and catchy guitar riffs. Her recent single ‘Bite My Tongue’ expresses angst and regret through striking lyricism, bizarre production choices, and an untamed, fierce ending to the track. 


Everyone has that one ex-partner that wasn’t good for them, but they were still irresistible to you in every way. The chorus of this track expresses that moment of running into someone you used to know at the gas station, the wound is still fresh, conversation becomes playful, and all you want is to take them home.