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Charming and quirky Hugo Hamlet

Oh, how we love unique artists. And today we have this delightful pleasure to introduce you to Hugo Hamlet who has it all. Hugo Hamlet is a London-based multidisciplinary performer. Model, painter, clown, and a musician with a super quirky personality that we loved from the very first sight. 

Your Moment is the first creation of Hugo and Pool Hamburg-based three-piece rock band and it’s everything we never knew we would need in our lives. A carefree, catchy, and accessible indie-pop tune, that will definitely get you off your seat! Hugo’s smooth vocals and falsetto combined with the groovy guitar riffs and drums by Pool make you wanna sing along, dance, and just live your momentwithout caring about anyone else: “This is your moment, to shine, baby your moment. So don’t be scared of living your life, it’s your life, your moment!”

Hugo shared in 2019:

 “Every day is really dramatic, full of big ups and downs. I turned over a tarot card recently and it said, ‘to be liked and playful while multitasking is your virtue’ and I remembered it, so it must mean something to me. I like to be loud, fierce, and romantic in my music, and with a piano, I can really explore that. Then, when I look at my electric guitar every night, I think about how happy I am just to be in the same room as it – there’s something about the look of an electric guitar that I love.

Isn’t he lovely?