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Chaos makes the muse

editorial by Magdalena Hałas



Magdalena Hałas – photographer
Klaudia Kosińska – mua
Sara Pawelec – stylist
Fashion designers: Waleria Tokarzewska, Magdalena Wilk-Dryło, Żaneta Barbarewicz, Dominika Lempart, Joanna Kreja

When mimalism is an asset

This project is a collaboration between model Saira Ziauddin and artist Omi. It captures a unique and powerful essence that draws you in with its

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#6 music discoveries

While their previous double-single release “Sometimes You’re Lonely” / “Ease My Mind” showed vulnerability and honesty, Leyya’s new single “Pumped Up High” almost acts as a counterpoint, while still carrying the

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Lifu Hu: First Love

Through the creation of staged photographs, photographer Lifu Hu created FIRST LOVE. This project seeks to document the artist’s troubling relationship with her first boyfriend.

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