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Catchy ear-pleaser by Ellur


20 years-old, Halifax based Ellur is an infectiously authentic Indie-pop artist that shares in her music the challenges and thrills of modern-day romance and break-ups. The first thing that caught our attention is her deep, crispy voice and the freshness that she brings to the table. She’s original, honest and not afraid of sharing her insecurities with the world.

Since writing her first songs when she was just 11, Ellur continued to create music throughout her teens and turned to the empowering attitude and aesthetic of feminist icons like Madonna, Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks to inspire her.

Her new EP ‘Moments’ is a bold and honest exploration into human relationships that mirrors the pop hooks and festival-ready choruses of modern-day artists like HAIM and Lorde, whilst still giving a nod to the 80s anthems she grew up on.

The title promoting her EP is a catchy ear-pleaser called ‘Burn It All Down’ produced by Lee Smith.

When we took it to the studio, the chorus really came alive. Lee said he thought it was an ‘arms in the air, sunset at a festival’ kind of vibe. And now that’s exactly what I think I’m going for! I started writing with a drum machine to get more of an upbeat feel to my songs. It went from being a piano ballad to this dance-around-your-bedroom-with-a-hairbrush-mic kinda tune! – Ellur shares.