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Catchy ear-pleaser by Anna Shoemaker

Indie-pop singer and songwriter Anna Shoemaker shares her new single, ‘It’s Depression’ on +1 Records. ‘It’s Depression’ arrives on the heels of ‘Sick!’, the first single to be released from Anna’s forthcoming debut album due out in early 2022. With these new songs, Anna is breaking out of the bedroom pop world into a more mature and intentional sound, writing her feelings as though you’ve lived them alongside her. 

With this banger Anna will make you click on the replay button not once, not twice…. believe us, we have it on the replay since the release day. The song has this HAIM vibe but still remains very original and that’s what we love. 

“It’s Depression” is a collaboration between Anna and Brooklyn-based musician Middle Part, who has been credited on many of Anna’s previous tracks and often performs in her live band. 

Anna shares about the single:

Middle Part and I similarly overthink a lot of things and, to me, that’s kind of what this is about. It’s an anxiety attack in a song. It’s a bold and anthemic song, swelling with infectious guitar riffs, heavy-hitting percussion and an irrepressible chorus destined to be sung by future crowds.