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Cassidy Mann releases a song that everyone needed!

Cassidy Mann shares her new single proving that there is no sweeter voice in this world. By entwining her acoustic roots with gentle electronic textures she finds her true voice on the upcoming debut EP, If It’s Not Forever’

Her honest lyricism that reshapes a small moment into a powerful and poetic song feels personal and relatable and this is what fakes her music pure and beautiful. 

The latest offering from her EP, Fine’ captures the contradictory feelings that occur during a breakup, when your heart usually hasn’t caught up to your brain. A breezy piece of indie pop,Fine’ juxtaposes a more upbeat sound from Mann.


Cassidy explains about the song:

It’s symbolic of the song’s sentiment.If someone was truly over it, they wouldn’t still notice and pine over such a tiny detail. This is proof [that] they still care.