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Blood Music share their Swedish Magic

Listening to ‘Little One (The Small Crowd Remix)’ you can easily guess that the duo Blood Music is from Sweden. Magical synths, Abba vibes, and beautiful vocals complementing each other. The remix brings rave and festival vibes and has the power to put you in a pleasant trance state. 

Like the title says, the song is about the little ones While it may not be music for children, it certainly was made with them in mind. This heartfelt duet is dedicated to the little ones we once were and the little ones keeping us up all night worrying. You know, they might be the only ones we are willing to go into a wild fire to rescue. They are the future and they rule.

The original track is found on the new Blood Music album “(Sometimes we need) A new beginning” which came out in February 2022. The truly astonishing lead vocalist Anna Ahnlund is now continuing her collaborations with Karl Jonas (bandleader of Blood Music).

Karl Jonas has been busy these years with his own label releasing over 40 albums over 5 years but he has also been working on the latest Blood Music album and it sure is a beauty. Blood Music have been a loved underground band for more than 15 years .