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Being trapped in the saturated pop culture by Red Telephone

We think it’s no secret that social media and the internet often drag us down and put depressing thoughts in our heads. As an invention, the internet is a Trojan horse. 

Hollowing Out, the debut album from Cardiff-based five-piece Red Telephone band talks about our modern, yet dystopian world, full of alienation, loosing your identity as well as contemporary social dilemmas such as the trappings of ambition in a saturated pop culture age, the pervasive nature of modern media and social media fatigue.


Sonically, the band draw from an array of influences; ranging from Berlin-era Bowie, brooding synth-led film soundtracks such as Blade Runner and Uncut Gems, the art rock of Kate Bush and St Vincent, as well as modern electronic pop artists such as MGMT, Mitski and Tame Impala.


Formed in 2018 and hailing from Cardiff, Red Telephone’s richly layered alt-rock could have emanated from a club in Blade Runner’s dystopian LA – combining angular guitars, Krautrock-inspired rhythms and New Wave-tinged synths with infectious pop sensibilities. 


Muzycznie Cardiff-based band jest mieszanka Depeche Mode, Suede, Small Faces. Vocal wokalisty zespolu, jest tak magnetyczny, ze nie mozesz oprzec sie przesluchania kawalku do konca mimo, ze message from the song is terryfing yet true and w punkt summary of our modern society.


“What a time to live. I see it’s slowly burning me”

So sad so true, so good Red Telephone!