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B.Miles makes a return full of magical melodies

B.Miles makes a return full of magical melodies with her first song in two years ‘One Trick Pony’. She opens up about fleeting admiration in our transient culture, and the very real toll that takes on artists’ mental wellbeing.

As she confronts the disillusion of feeling like your best is behind you, B.Miles is more lyrically candid than ever about her inner monologue in those low moments:

Tired, cause my ego owns me. Now I’m just a one trick pony. Drowning, am I disappointing?

More specifically, ‘One Trick Pony’ reflects on an early jolt of online acclaim for B.Miles, which included tens of millions of streams, a sync deal with a Netflix show and praise from across the globe. As that type of instant attention ran its course, she found herself engulfed in the pressure to follow up that high; which meant never fully processing the comedown, while left with an increasingly unshakable feeling that the moment would come to define her. In facing these often-difficult feelings head-on, she concludes:

I’m working to shed a past version of myself and figure out what truly makes me happy.”