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Ayla Loon bring dreamy vibes with their new piece ‘Glints’

We love dreamy vibe in music so we didn’t think twice hearing Ayla Loon and their new single ‘Glints’ a very gentle, romantic piece captivating with its warmth and honesty. It’s the first song from their forthcoming LP ‘Cobbler’ planned for mid-March this year. 

Ayla Loon share about the single:

It’s sort of an ode to crushes, to meeting someone and wondering if you’ll ever meet again, wondering what to make of chance encounters. I recorded the song longingly in my bedroom in Western Mass, thinking of someone I met at a get-together days before the covid hit. My friend in Providence provided drums remotely. 

Spending childhood in Northern Virginia, finding a big interest in music Ayla Loon took their first steps towards the music world. Moving to Western Massachusetts as a teenager, they started shaping their sound under the first name Unstabile that with time changed into Ayla Loon that musically brings the same Spirit with a bit more clarity.