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Austrian newcomer band – Wallners

This melancholic gem is something we all need today to slow down and think. All Again is an emotional piece written by four Austrian siblings that feel comfortable while dreaming and playing with thoughts. We can definitely hear that in their music. 

After years of tinkering in the living room, they sent demos to various labels without any great expectations. Never ever would they have imagined that they would land straight at Universal Music. But you can hear why: The quartet’s debut single compares to a gaze into an enchanted kaleidoscope, presenting itself as an unmistakable and highly polished sound. Wallners’ hypnotic dream-pop will take their listeners on an exciting journey somewhere between illusion and reality.

“Basically the song is about the dream of reliving a time with someone you lost. It’s essentially about the beauty of these memories and at the same time, it’s about the pain of not being able to fully let go. On a deeper level, the song’s also about the process of memory and how it can intertwine with or blur our own perception of reality. Though All Again is influenced by certain events and the time we wrote it, it’s also, like all of our songs, a work of fiction and inspired by a mixture of different sources (like a certain emotion, dreams, stories we heard or simply an image that comes to mind, for example).” Band shares on

Visuals for All Again were directed by Rupert Höller based on Wallners’s ideas.