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Atomic Tom: From Brooklyn Apartment to Rock Sensation

Atomic Tom, a band hailing from the vibrant music scene of Brooklyn, has made waves with their electrifying sound and captivating performances. Their latest release ‘Let Me Show You How it’s Done’ is a gut punch of rock energy that will have you banging your head through the screen you’ve been staring at all day.

The band’s journey to success is a tale of perseverance and creativity. Crafting their inaugural album, ‘The Moment’ in the confines of a Brooklyn apartment, Atomic Tom faced challenges like noise complaints and curious detectives. Despite the obstacles, their talent shone through, leading to a record deal with Republic Records and Sony/ATV.

One of the band’s most memorable moments came when they took their career into their own hands by filming a performance of ‘Take Me Out’ on the New York B Train using just their iPhones. The video quickly went viral, propelling Atomic Tom into the spotlight and earning them appearances on popular TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and George Lopez Tonight!.