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Asha Jefferies is keeping her sh#t together

Asha Jefferies has unveiled her new single ‘Keep My Shit Together’ inspired by testing her own bravery in the face of milestone-induced anxiety (in this instance, celebrating Christmas with a new partner) – “I get sentimental around the holidays” Jefferies proposes in the song’s opening refrain, before asking herself “Why do I stay in the city? / With all these angry people” as the song bounces between head-spinning indie-pop, demonstrating both assured humour and a sense of gravitas.

Speaking on the track’s creation and its lyrical inspiration, Asha Jefferies said:

Keep My Shit Together was written one hot and sweaty day around my piano in December. While feeling stuck and existential, this song is an ode to bringing lightness to hot and heavy feelings around Christmas time. We recorded this in mid-December, air-con cranking and all in organised matching white tank tops.


Originally hailing from the coastal region of Northern Rivers in Australia, but since raised and now firmly based in Brisbane, Asha Jefferies is heartily celebrated for her glowing idiosyncratic sounds that lie between the indie folk arrangements and melancholic pop songs of Angel Olsen & Big Thief and a sense of fun and optimism that could be filed alongside Sheryl Crow.