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Anastasia Elliot explores her relationship with the phases of trauma and rebirth following her plane crash in 2013

Genre-bending vocalist, pianist, and producer Anastasia Elliot is no stranger to this mandate. Her new release ‘Bones’ confronts the ruin of all-consuming love, obsession, domination, and trauma through haunting vocals, powerful melodic lines, and harmonic builds that hit you right where it hurts. No doubt this is a real banger. A veritable force of nature, her presence & brilliant purple hair commands any room.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Elliot views herself as more than just a songwriter. She is one part singer-songwriter, and another part visual artist wherein the visual accompaniments to her songs hold just as much importance as the songs themselves. She is always very much focused on the future, the next step, as she forges ahead, determined and purposeful in her efforts to arouse and inspire.