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An Ode to Mother by Elena Erin


Canadian singer-songwriter Elena Erin rose up in the pop scene majorly throughout 2021, landing on national radio with her single, ‘Build a Ship’, touring throughout the UK and North America, and lending her vocals to major DJ tracks and sets. Her debut album era of “Holy Tender Artist” is highlighted by royalty, sex, exploration, vulnerability, and in-your-face New York style storytelling. From homeschooled on a farm in Canada to a pink-haired socialite between New York City and London, Elena has a story like no other and tells it the way only she can. To hear it, you’ll have to listen.

Elena released her new, touching single ‘Mother Always Knows’ telling the story about how strong a mother-daughter relationship is no matter what the circumstances are. 

“Mother Always Knows” is about the growth of a mother-daughter relationship and still relying on your mother during the hardest times of life, while also having her rely on you. Realizing the person who raised you is a regular human too, and as you’re going through life you see her struggles and she teaches you how to save yourself.