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An attempt to capture sublime dynamics of life – Cinema Sublimina – the fourth album by The Technicolors


Alt-rock band The Technicolors have returned with the release of their fourth album ‘Cinema Sublimina’, a vessel of feel-good psych-rock and indie-rock that perfectly paints the natural beauty and synergy of Arizona’s wonders. ‘Howl’ one of the tracks promoting their album is a very catchy, with vocal melodies out of this world rock piece. It’s the first time we hear about the band and we’re wondering how come they haven’t blown up yet?! 

While the LP may not have started out as a concept album, it ended up becoming a story that reflects the dissociation of reality. Tied together, the project’s personal thoughts are a battle between mind and body: 

Cinema Sublimina is a blurry collage of all the moments in life that feel ‘rigged.’ We never intended to make any kind of concept record but we most definitely ended up with a story arc that, to me, sort of reflects the way things feel when you walk out of a movie theatre or a play… as if you just witnessed another dimension flash before your eyes. Also the idea of a ‘concept record’ is sort of funny because growing up I’d mostly see it within progressive rock bands or Rush or something. I think once we realized there was a flow and a common theme happening we sort of leaned into it, maybe because it feels like the way people consume music nowadays is much more single-based.

 – Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors 

In a time where singles dominate the music world, the band is proud to find a footing where they could put together a cohesive body of work that was focused on a single story:

As a four-piece rock band, it’s been exciting to navigate the musical landscape and figure out the best way to do our thing in the most compelling way to us – and believe me, we’ve released music in just about every way you can – but I think it the idea of releasing any collection of songs with a common theme or story has actually made the idea of an ‘album’ become more valuable. Like, what’s the point of having an ‘album’ with a bunch of songs on it if they don’t mean anything together?”

– Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors