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Alternative piece of rawness and delicacy by Moa

Swedish-born and London-based artist Moa serves us with a catchy ear-pleaser ‘Beat’ – the second piece from her upcoming debut EP. What we know for sure: Moa isn’t afraid of raising important subjects in her music.

The start of the song, marked with the sound of keys in a door, immediately sets the scene. We are in MOA’s past, and with the dragging, bright but simultaneously heavy drums, we can feel the dread building. By the time the first lines of lyrics come in, we have already adopted the fear of the rhythm and the deep sub of the bass: ”I think I’m stuck in the twilight / Is it day, is it still night? / I think I’m hurt and my body seems so small.”

With this alternative piece of rawness and delicacy, MOA breaks down the barriers of what we do and don’t talk about in public. She speaks of the fear of a partner and the ugliness of a free woman tamed by aggression. But above all, she speaks of the burning desire to leave and to live. A desire that led her to the freedom of the present day.