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After sex all animals are sad

Alvinos Zavlis is an artist/producer from Cyprus based in Bristol, UK. Mostly experimental electronic music fuses on dark sounds inspired from hip hop, trip hop, rnb, and dance music.


Alvinos’ newest album is  titled ‘after sex all animals are sad’.

“I started working on this project as an album idea just a little bit over two years ago. Throughout this time I had to pause my creative process to deal with a serious illness, some career changes, and a lot of personal issues. The main idea of the album is how the chase for perfection in your artistic craft can hinder personal relationships, health, and financial stability. I feel like throughout this process I became a much better musician and gained a fuller understanding of a balanced life. I’m very excited to share this project with all my fans and let them enjoy the work me and my collaborators put into this project” 


This song is a collaboration with Alvino’s friend, Sae whose incredible vocals start the song off.

The song is a perfect representation of their love for pop and electronic music with sensual tones and an experimental edge.


Amazing guys!