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A Sun-Drenched Folk-Pop Reflection on Female Friendships

‘Charm of Finches’ latest single, ‘Middle Of Your Mess,’ exudes a playful and upbeat folk-pop vibe, basking in the warmth of a sun-drenched summer. The award-winning Australian sister duo showcases their signature blood harmonies, dreamy 60s backing vocals, and vintage snare in this track, which delves into the theme of meanness disguised as sweetness within female friendships. This song serves as the third single from their upcoming fourth album, ‘Marlinchen In The Snow,’ scheduled for release on April 19 under the Aus Indie label Spunk Records.

The music video accompanying ‘Middle Of Your Mess’ has been likened to a blend of ‘Wes Anderson meets Heathers.’ Directed by Charm of Finches and filmed by their regular collaborator Manav Lakhiani, the video was shot at the grand and historic Beleura House and Gardens in Mornington, Victoria. Featuring a cast of familiar friends and drawing aesthetic inspiration from films like Saltburn and Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, the video presents a charming picnic scenario that takes a dark turn, in line with the duo’s gothic tendencies.”