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A small-town boy with a big man’s voice

Not everyday commercial music moves us as much as the new single by Chris De Sarandy who bought us with his absolutely beautiful voice. His latest single Who I Once Knew’ starts strong and takes you on the trip into the past, into the adventures, broken hearts, and sleepless nights.

Hailing from South West England, the 24-year-old started playing in an indie band from the young age of 14 but felt frustrated due to wanting to do more than his bandmates. He moved from indie to pop, calling his own music more natural and mature. This pattern emerges early on and runs through the life of the Briton – don’t think twice, just do it and follow your heart! What’s always there is his music, in which he captures his emotions and collected experiences. 

‘Who I Once New’ is about noticing changes in the person we love but don’t recognise anymore. Chris shares that the song was written on London bus number 35, where a huge emotional release happened.

It’s a bus route I’d take from Clapham Junction to Brixton. I left her place, and I was really upset, and that’s when I thought: this is no longer the person I fell in love with. It was a cathartic experience of writing that on paper, and feeling like it was helping to close that kind of memory.