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A sad anthem by Ellison

Iowa-based indie rock/dream pop duo Ellison released a new single ‘Covered Me’, a sad anthem about being with someone whose main desire is to be in the spotlight. 

The duo consists of lead singer and guitarist, Marrissa Kephart and Scott Yoshimura, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist. The band formed after Scott produced Marissa’s first-ever song, ‘Meet Me Halfway’ in the summer of 2021. During that time they found they shared a love for much of the same late 90s and early 2000s indie rock bands. Sonically sweet, melodically vibrant, dreamy guitars, airy vocals and lush atmospheric sounds are highlighted throughout their previous releases. 

‘Covered Me’ is peeling back the layers of someone whose love of the spotlight eclipses all else and even has you questioning yourself. The mysterious, fuzzy, guitar-driven track with meandering bass, forceful drums, and tension-building layers captures the unease of being in this kind of relationship.