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A psychodelic trip back and forth to where Love Will Find a Way

J.R. Gilmore took me on a wonderful, surrealistic psychodelic journey that reminded me film “Only Lovers Left Alive” – a  visual ballad about loneliness, love and… vampires. In an addictive world created by director Jim Jarmusch. In fact “Love Will Find a Way” could snick into the soundtrack of “Only Lovers Left Alive” and would blend imperceptibly. There is something hypnotising about J.R. Gilmore newest release. It slow, yet interesting tempo reminds me another great and surrealistic film “Eraserhead” by David Lynch. This lo-fi acid freak folk found it’s surrealistic way to my head and my heart.

How the artist J.R.Gilmore himself describes the song:

As I bathed in sunshine atop the towering boulder at the summit of the mountain, I rested my weary head upon a rock, and drifted off to a place where I was a sort of solitary drifter roaming the high desert plains — battling corruption and sweeping beautiful damsels off their porcelain feet. And in the deepest valleys of my heart, I know that I still pursue the fragments of this broken dream as I ride into the setting sun of a cyclical illusion I fear we’ll never escape.

It couldn’t have been written better.


Get hypnotised. 

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