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A light-hearted new single by SOFT NYLON

When the weather doesn’t spoil us, summer vibes are so welcome! Gold Coast-based producer Dylan Lindquist does us a favour with his latest project SOFT NYLON creating a summer chilled track that we can get addicted to.

The song was recordedas an instrumental demo, missing empowering pop vocals to tie it together. Discovering Saint Barae’s music, SOFT NYLON felt it was the perfect fit. The track showcases an experimental side of an artist mixed with a fresh and funky sound. And we love it! 

“Hijacked is a tongue-in-cheek slice of summer that’s a playful take on the idea of love at first sight. I wrote this song to be a self-aware reflection of falling in love with a stranger at a party and knowing that you aren’t thinking rationally. It’s a familiar story of living for a fleeting moment – shooting your shot despite the risk of embarrassment and regret to catch the idea of this unobtainable person.” – SOFT NYLON shares.