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#6 music discoveries

While their previous double-single release “Sometimes You’re Lonely” / “Ease My Mind” showed vulnerability and honesty, Leyya’s new single “Pumped Up High” almost acts as a counterpoint, while still carrying the right dose of melancholy. It describes the ambivalence of wanting to be alone but among people, which doesn’t necessarily have to be contradictory: imagine joining an open-air rave in summer by the water, knowing nobody, but letting yourself go in the anonymous crowd.  

Following the release of her poignant single ‘Nude’ with its tongue-in-cheek, Rococo-inspired visuals and the spell-binding synth-pop number ‘Lipstick’, the visionary singer-songwriter Alfreda continues to expand her stylistic horizons with the powerful new song ‘Guest Room’. Rooted in her signature chic-pop style, this explosive single frames the bitter taste of rejection through Alfreda’s witty world perspective and a touch of old school Hollywood glamour. The London-born, New York-raised creative continues to build a world where fantasy and reality come together in crisp focus. 

‘Cutting Like a Knife’, melds a Bernard Sumner-esque guitar line with glitching electronics and Yodelice’s droll aristocratic vocals. It’s an evocative slice of electro-rock that oozes a mix of swagger and menace.  

Both from Germany, they have joined forces to create dreamy, melancholic music. JULIENT’s (Tassilo Julien) soft warm pop voice and Inflection’s (Philipp Seuthe) are sharing their new single ‘Believe’

Sakura by Solar Bloom explores the experience of stepping away from difficult feelings by traveling to a new place and making peace with impermanence.