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Zoe Ko: From Teenage Dream Night to Touch Therapy.

Zoe Ko is the cheeky rockstar this generation’s been craving. Combining her flirtatious charm with her fierce energy and commitment to highlighting the female experience, Zoe’s music resonates with today’s craving for authenticity and empowerment. Raised in New York City, you can tell Zoe is the ultimate city girl by her thrifted style and confident attitude. Driven by electric guitar and powerful, bold vocals, Zoe’s music resonates with the spirit of a new era while paying homage to the iconic sounds of the past.


Touch Therapy was born out of the most teenage dream night you could imagine. I was seeing a boy in LA and one day he drove me around to different outlook points and we eventually ended up at a drive in movie… needless to say I barely remember that movie because I couldn’t see out of the steamy windows of the back of his truck. Being from NYC this rocked my world!! I had never hooked up with a boy in a car. It was so rom com movie esque and it changed my life haha. I was hooked since that first night and it felt like therapy in a sense. So thus, my story and concept for touch therapy was born. I’m one of the most sex positive and do it for the plot people you could meet so this song felt like second nature. It was so so fun to make. Shoutout to the boy who rocked my world in the back of his truck in LA.