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#5 music discoveries

It’s May, the time we’ll uncover the songs that deserve to be heard!

‘Nefeli’, is the half-austrian-half-greek daughter of of two musicians who travelled and still travel together, playing original Greek music for Greek communities all over Europe. Having always felt at home in the vibe and music from the 60s-80s London Underground Scene, she has always struggled with the feeling she was born too late. For this reason her music is rich with oldschool rock elements, while borrowing a touch of 90s grunge, as it connects oldschool with the sound quality and directness of modern pop music.

‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ by Winnie Wanders is a fresh take on the classic hit by The Go-Go’s made for the dance floor. Produced by LEFTI, this cover track brings a disco house groove to a classic pop song.

Rayne Felix, a 19-year-old independent artist, is set to make waves in the music scene with the release of his latest single, ‘Pillowcase.’ This evocative track delves into the poignant realization that sometimes, a bed feels too big for just one person.

Aquafox plan is to share one song per month until her debut EP release planned for November this year. In May she serves us with a cathy female pop-rock titled ‘Trigger’.

‘Thank You’ marks the final release to close the ‘Ghost Stories’ chapter for Matt McKnzi. The track reflects on all the adversities that have shaped the artist into who he is today. Tender, soulful, and honest vocals float over an optimistic piano progression, underscoring the beauty and growth found in pain. 

Joining forces once again with writer and producer James Dring and Jack Kaye from The Magic Gang, Tom’s upbeat but equally provocative story of moving on from a friendship, with his introspective lyrics and soaring chorus, this is another distinctive sound from Tom Webber.

A song about that friend who once was your rock, your sidekick. But as time moves, as do personalities. Friends which were once ‘thick as thieves’ have now drifted apart as the years have gone by. Narrated through the eyes and mind of someone who’s trying to let that person go and move on with life
This is a fun and really special song to me. I wrote it for my little nephew and I think in some ways for my younger self too. This song came to me almost instantaneously and as soon as I had the basic idea, it basically wrote itself. Fun fact, the birds you hear chirping in the beginning were an accident. I wrote it during the summer when it was really hot, so i had to have my studio window open. So the mic pickup the birds on that take! – shares Boy Okay

Ceremony Shadows, a synth/darkwave band hailing from Portland, Oregon, is gearing up for the launch of their upcoming album. They have recently released their single ‘Resistance’ a captivating blend of dark, seductive synth music infused with a cinematic and gothic vibe. 

Drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds, Benjamin and Olly infuse ‘Kite’ with a vibrant blend of classic Swedish pop, soulful melodies, and modern influences. The result is a breathtaking journey through sound that captures the essence of their infectious talent and undeniable charisma.

‘Savior Complex’ emerges as the ultimate soundtrack of self-sufficiency, challenging the conventional narrative of dependency in relationships. It cleverly captures the rebellious spirit of doing the contrary of what’s advised, set against a backdrop of dynamic instrumentals and profoundly resonant lyrics.

I’ve been living this music “dream” for most of my adult life, where success in this business was my ‘gold’, and believe me, I’m still digging for it today, but not in a frantic or self-destructive way. While on this journey, I started a family and discovered the joy of being a father, which has become my gold, and more. This song is about my once elusive ‘gold’, how to hold onto it, and knowing its value. – Air Traffic Controller shares.