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3 songs about issues with… boys


Riley Lynch’s new release is “DUDES LIKE THAT” is a summer hate song anthem. Even though this song is a gay man’s perspective on relationships, Riley managed to make me fully connect with the message, and I literally also now hate DUDES LIKE THAT, and you will too!! Check out what we call a paradox of sound because of the excellent vocals and supporting track. Plus, you listen to lyrics like “Gaslighting garbage can You’ll never truly be a man”, and you may even want to sing along! 

“As a queer person, I have had my fair share of horrible dates with men. This song is about an ex of mine that treated me like absolute garbage. I’m so sick of guys who only care about sex and drink expensive beers thinking that makes them the most interesting person in the world. This is my ode to dudes like that,” says Riley

SIMPLE BOYS – Tender Glue

This one is kind of a funny take on the immaturity of some men – not in a derogatory way. At the end of the day, all we ever need is love, even ‘Simple Boys’.

Tender Glue is made up of Tom Gluewicki, who was originally born and raised in Poland and later moved to New York in 2002. He explains his first encounter with playing music when he was twelve years-old after he had fixed a broken guitar that his brother brought home. You can learn more about his story in the “ABOUT” section of his website.

Emiliano Ortiz

In his newest release the New Yorker singer Emiliano Ortiz opens up serious topic which is problem with alcohol. ‘Sober’ is about the ups and downs of drinking, all within an on and off again toxic relationship.