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3 female voices that are rocking out

“Liberate Me” by DYLYN 

With influences that range from Blondie to Black Sabbath, DYLYN (aka Gwendolyn Lewis) has created a unique style that pulls together raw, rock n’ roll energy with brilliant pop hooks. Today, the alt-rock power force is excited to announce her debut full length LP, The Sixty90s, an homage to the grit of the 90s and the warmth of the 60s, which will be released on October 28, 2022, via Nettwerk.

“I’m referencing two of my favourite eras, it’s not confined or boxed into one or the other. The fusion revealed itself as the songwriting and production developed. It naturally took on a darker vintage yet futuristic edge” shares Gwen. The 13-track debut record features the most recent singles “Skin and Bone,” “Liar,” “Hellbound,” “Hurt,” “Bring On The Blues,” and the new tremendous single “Liberate Me.” 


Burs and it’s new release “Lily” 

Burs is the creative family of Lauren Dillen, Ray Goudy, Devon Savas and Oliver Compton.

The Toronto-born indie outfit digs deep into an array of influences to build sounds that marry existential motifs with ethereal soundscapes. Underpinned by strings, textures and percussion, their music beckons to alternative and folk enthusiasts alike, all the while presenting listeners with a uniquely personal approach to quartet interplay.




Sydney-based duo Salarymen have returned with a poignant new self-produced offering ‘Rerun’, out via Scenic Drive Records.

Songwriter and vocalist Renee delves deeper into the inspiration behind ‘Rerun’: “This song is about longing for a place you desperately need to get back to, while you’re stuck somewhere else. The lyrics reflect the stress of being separated from those you love, and the sense of tension that builds up inside of you and starts to drive you a little crazy. The last two years have felt a bit like groundhog day, and that starts to eat away at your mental health after a while”.