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15 years old musical genius -L.i.E

When you hear the music so beautiful and then you find out the author is just 15 years old you know it’s pure talent. L.i.E is a singer/songwriter from the Sunshine Coast Australia. She started writing songs when she was 11 but became more prolific in 2020 when she started homeschooling and now has written over 50 songs. L.i.E grew up in a very musical household and has always had a deep love for music, though it was only late into 2021 that she decided she wanted to pursue it as something more serious. She always puts real emotion into her songs but finds inspiration from both life and fiction.

Her latest single ‘Hurt or Heal’ is a vulnerable piece that showcases amazing vocal and songwriting skills. No kidding L.i.E has the power to soothe senses and heal wounds with this one. 

I had difficulty deciding whether or not how I was feeling towards someone close to me was justified. They hurt me a lot and we would fight a lot but they were also one of my biggest supporters and protectors so I felt guilty about the hate I had growing for them. I really just wrote this song to describe that feeling and the song is me begging them to either just hurt me so I can let them go or heal me and this relationship.