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100 years of Helmut Newton

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Helmut Newton’s birth theatres are displaying the film “Helmut Newton: the Bad and the Beautiful” directed by Gero von Boehm. The premiere, which was originally planned for autumn 2020, was delayed due to the further covid-19 restrictions but now, finally, we can watch it at cinemas.   

Helmut Newton was a controversial person. The way he photographed naked women was criticized (and still is). He was considered by many to be misogynist, by others as a genius, who by showing the nudity of a woman was giving her absolute strength and advantage over a man. Despite on personal opinions about that, the story of Newton, his persona, and obviously his pictures are something that every self-respected photographer has to discover and acknowledge. 

More about Helmut Newton you can find out by visiting Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin or to watch an interview with Gero von Boehm the director of the film “Helmut Newton: the Bad and the Beautiful” during the meeting at Festival Docs Against Gravity in Poland.

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